Sunday, January 13, 2013

A New Year...Let's get 2013 started off right!

Sooooooo.....this is my first post, whoooo hoo! Starting a new year, 2013, I have decided to give some of my time to this whole blogging thing.
Since we are talking about a new year here, I figured I would share a little update on what I AM LOVIN right now......PURE BARRE. I decided to give this new workout a whirl after doing boot camp, running groups, cycling, jazzercise, and kickboxing. I get bored easily:) Anyways, Pure Barre is nothing I have ever experienced before; its combination of yoga, pilate's, and ballet in 55 minute intense session. I took ballet for 10 years, so if anything it would take me back to my childhood love of dancing (although I still LOVE to dance). and WOW! I cannot believe how sore I was after my second class. I can truly say I am addicted to this booty kicking, can barely walk workout! The only downside is the price...I see how they hook you with that fabulous new client special. After your first month the price jumps way up and if you love it you WILL pay. 
Anyways, I have learned over the past 4 or 5 years, that IF ALL ELSE FAILS......WORK OUT! Working out helps me keep my sanity when life gets rough or things get crazy at my job in the mental health field.
I am very excited about some thing's coming up in the next few months. Mardi Gras in Mobile, AL is one of my favorite part's of the year (TALK ABOUT SOUTHERN...). Every year my husband and I go down to Mobile to participate in the fun, parades, and MOT ball with my in laws. Floor length gowns are a must, and we always come home with more beads than we know what to do with! Last year our good friends came with us and we had an absolute blast. This is one of my favorite memories as this was the first time I met my husbands family 4 years ago...
Four Years ago Mardi Gras:)
Last Year at Mardi Gras
One thing that I love, especially growing up in the south is Food. I am not going to lie to you, I could eat cornbread at every meal, BUT I would have to pay a huge price! Thus being said, I have given up all things bread for the New Year. Yes, this means bread, crackers, chips, pizza, pasta, and my favorite.....tortilla chips. I must say though, I am doing really well after reading about wheat and carbohydrates, and the damage bad carbs can do to your body. that I am going low carb, I wanted to share a recipe I made last night and it was soooo yummy. Being from Memphis, I cannot go without a taste of BBQ for tooo long, so I made some in the crockpot with some delish coleslaw on the side (no bun). Here is the recipe as my husband thought it was the next best thing since sliced bread (hahaha, I had to do it).
I couldn't find the exact recipe I used last night but this one above was pretty close.


  1. Making me miss the south! Looking forward to future posts!

  2. Hooray Savannah for blogging! Loved looking at your past look so pretty! And I am definitely going to try that bbq recipe girl! :)

  3. Thanks guys! I am excited to be blogging now:) Paul- You should make a Pittsburgh Blog!:)