Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fad or Flop? ...and other random thoughts...

So lately I have spent a lot of time (probably too much), on pinterest. Now I like being trendy and all, but there are a couple of new fads that completely baffle me. First.....the mustache. They are everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. Maybe I am missing something?
Second...ombre everything. All the celebs are wearing ombre hair styles, bakers are making ombre colored cakes, and its also exploding into the fashion world. While Drew always looks gorge, I would more than likely look like I haven't been to the salon in 5 months if I tried to pull this off.

 Ok, enough about all that trendy stuff and on to a more pressing issue. I always knew I was an animal person, but it wasn't until I got my dog Riley last year, that I discovered a deep love for dogs of all breeds. My husband probably thinks I'm crazy, because I literally talk to Riley like he is human. He completley melts my heart, pretty much rules the house, and is spoiled rotten (but I cant help it). Anyways...this all started when Brad and I walked into a Petco while they were having an adoption day. I had always wanted a dog after we got married but never REALLY thought about it. Then I saw Riley (back then his name was Red, but that had to go) and completely fell in love. We filled out the paperwork and a week later we had adopted a one year old puppy that was given up by his previous family, because they couldn't handle him anymore. I mean REALLY???? Although it was so hard for me to believe someone gave this sweet boy up, I am so thankful they did, because he now is a part of our family.
Now he has been with us a year and I CANNOT IMAGINE ever giving him away. He is an absolute joy in my life and has brought me a different kind of happiness that is so completely wonderful.
I cannot stress how important it is to adopt if you are interested in getting a pet. There are SOOOO many wonderful animals out there that need homes. Why buy from a breeder when you can save a life?;)

 My Riley:)

New Recipe that I tried this week....

Yes this is......BIRTHDAY CAKE FUDGE. A lovely lady at my work was celebrating her birthday this week so I decided to give it a try. Trying to stay away from bad carbs and sugar is hard when this stuff is in the house. Beware: It was very rich but oh so good. I had to take the pan away from from husband!
Here is the recipe:

And how about a healthier recipe to even it out:

Try this one....Avocado Chicken Salad.

 I found this a few days ago and am excited to try it soon. Looks yummy and super healthy!

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  1. Woop woop! Agreed - the mustache thing is Dumbo!

  2. I just love you & this whole post! I also love that you finally decided to embrace the wonderful world of avocados. And talking to the dog like a human is completely normal. ;-)