Saturday, February 23, 2013

A very Fat Tuesday was had!...and more updates:)

Hi friends! Sorry it has been a few weeks since my last posting, things have been absolutely crazy around here!:)
So there was Mardi Gras in absolute blast! We stayed at the BattleHouse in downtown Mobile this year and I highly recommend it!

MOT Ball:)

So after Mardi Gras my office completely moved to another building that next week. It was absolute chaos, but I am soooo much happier in our new beautiful, remodeled, office! I will try and get a few pics soon.
For some new projects coming up......I saw this on Pinterest and it immediately caught my eye. I have tons and tons of pictures these days with no more shelves to frame most of them. So why not start making photo books? I am going to start doing this for each year (for ex. I will start more than likely with 2012), and then at this end of this year make a 2013 photo album. Shutterfly has all the photo books 50% off right now BTW....

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For example...
So for a new recipe I tried this week that was sooooo healthy and bean and spinach enchiladas! I did not make the enchilada sauce, and just put a little cheese on top on the rolled tortillas instead and it was so yummy! My husband loved them AND it contained spinach (he is not a big green leaf eater)!!!
Since Spring is just around the corner....I am excited to get back into my running shoes. I have signed up for the Germantown 5K in March, so excited to get some races planned again! BTW, I just bought some new Brooks PureFlow running shoes....and Love! They are like clouds on my feet, AND you can find them at DSW!
Brooks PureFlow Womens Running Shoes Black/Grey/Angel Blue/Silver/Black Size 12.0

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Just liked this:)

Much love to you all, and thanks so much for all the comments!:)




  1. Reading this makes me miss my BFF even more!! Love the recipe idea, and the photo book idea reminds me of the Savi&Mich calendars I used to make you. :-)